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MicroFil (MF34G-5)

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Perfect for filling micropipettes

Quantity 5 per pack
Volume discounts - If order 10 or more packs, save $9 per package
Choose size: 34g, 67mm (MF34G-5), 28g, 67mm (MF28G67-5) or 28g, 97mm (MF28G-5)
See Details for part numbers

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PN Gauge ID (µm) OD (µm) Length (mm)
MF34G-5 34 100 164 67
MF28G-5 28 250 350 97
MF28G67-5 28 250 350 67


Our MicroFil fills micropipettes easily and reliably. Its long and fine tip allows you to start the filling very close to the pipette tip, eliminating both air bubble formation and clogging due to the washing down of dust particles. The transparent amber MicroFil needle is constructed from a combination of plastic and fused silica - no metal components are used. The MicroFil needle may be stored for days with the filling solution inside without clogging. Sold in packages of 5.

Tip Flexibility

The MicroFil's tip elasticity is sturdy and very flexible though not unbreakable. Since it is more flexible than stainless steel needles, moderate bending will not block or damage the MicroFil needle. The combination of plastic and fused silica in the MicroFil tip is sturdier than plastic tips, allowing easy and repeated insertions into micropipettes. MicroFil's luer fitting allows easy coupling to syringes and syringe filters.

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