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Precision Stereo Zoom Trinocular Microscope (IV) on Boom Stand, camera, light (PZMTIV-BS-LWD-DIG50)

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Modular, two parallel beam path design with high quality optics

Planachromatic objectives, no optical distortion
Large zoom ratio: 8:1
Large zoom range: 0.62x-5.0x
Step and continuous zoom
5-year warranty
Includes PZMTIV trinocular body, 1x objective, pair of 10x eyepieces and eye guards, USBCAM50 camera, 0.5x CCD camera coupler, Z-Lite optical illuminator with bifurcated optical fiber light guide, boom stand, 0.5x objective, 20x eyepieces for a longer working distance of 187mm

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  • High-contrast imaging, ideal for observing transparent, low-contrast objects
  • Long working distance option available


  • Integrated optical and biological research

The fourth generation of WPI’s precision stereo zoom microscopes uses modular, two parallel beam path design and high quality optical system. The advanced optical design with planachromatic objectives provides sharp and distortion-free contrast image throughout the entire zoom range and comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.

The PZMIV is available in a binocular or trinocular version. In addition, an extensive list of optional accessories is available that makes the PZMIV suitable for integrated optical and biological research.

The microscope comes with a track stand, standard 10x eyepieces (wide-field, distortion-free and high eye point), 1x planachromatic distortion-free objective.
See the specification tables marked areas for more details. On trinocular versions of the microscope with the LWD option, the camera view is nearly the same as the eyepiece visual field of view.

The trinocular version is a true trinocular, with continuous operation of both eyepieces and photo tube simultaneously. There is no need to block the right eyepiece to use the photoport.

Camera to Microscope Configurations

Microscope objective and  eyepieces work together. See Understanding Microscope Objectives.

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