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Four-Channel Free Radical Analyzer with Lab-Trax4/16 (TBR4100-416)

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Fast, reliable, real-time detection – measure redox-reactive species

Real-time detection using electrochemical microsensors
Integrated system includes one temperature sensor, your choice of two additional sensors and a start-up kit
Current measurement range from 300 fA to 10 µA (four ranges) permits wide dynamic range for detection
Wide bandwidth allows recording of fast events
Measure carbon monoxide from 10 nM to 10 µM
Measure nitric oxide from < 0.3 nM to 100 µM
Measure hydrogen peroxide < 10 nM to 100 mM
Measure hydrogen sulfide
Measure glucose
Measure oxygen from 0.1% to 100%
Isolated architecture allows Lab-Trax interface to simultaneously measure free radical and independent analog data (for example, ECG, BP, etc.) on any channel
Four channel free radical detection
Includes Lab-Trax 4/16

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